Bella Venezia

We love, love, love Venice. In fact, we are heading back there on 6th March 2018. It is going to be an exciting few days. We have invited Amanda and Ryan over, (the couple, from our featured beach wedding) to model for us. Amelia’s Bridal in Clitheroe have loaned us the most gorgeous dress for Amanda to wear for the shoot. We are aiming for a Grace Kelly feel to the shoot and we are hoping for photos like no others. Our lovely photographer, is Lucy from Lucy Turnbull Photography (check her out, she is amazing). Neil, from Authentic Wedding Films will be with us, filming the experience. We will be blogging all our lovely images and telling you all about the shoot, and what we discover about Venice, in future blogs. Oh, and did I mention that Emillie, Dario and Aurora are getting the train up from Santa Maria, so I am looking forward to spending time with Emillie (wedding planning about to start for summer 2018) and of course my gorgeous grand-daughter. Ciao, Julie

ciao julie


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